Album credits

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Co-writer, producer


String arranger









Orchestra arranger & producer


String arranger









String arranger


Cowrite, producer









Composer/producer original film score


String arranger (Into the corner)









dialog recording, mix & mastering 


cowriter/producer (Neaimé/Svensson)









mix & mastering


cowriter/producer (Neaimé/Svensson)









cowriter/demoproducer (Revee/Nordh/Svensson)


cowriter (Takarot/Thott/Svensson)









Orchestra arrangement & production


recordring engineer/mixer – Carolinae female choir, Resting places in the sun










recording engineer/mixer – Machaut Machine, Let him kiss me


Recording engineer/mixer – Machaut Machine, Pange lingua










Producer/engineer/mixer & arranger


Orchestra arranger CD/DVD









Recording engineer/mixer, Carolinae choir


Strained (Composer) recorded by Das Orchester









Interlude Japonesque (composer)  – Kumi Koda


recording engineer









String arranger – Circus Pandemonium A.C.T



Producer/mix- & rec-engineer – Tills du kan sjunga med, Opa!










Producer/mix- & engineer, Allting blir bra igen – Opa!



cowriter/orchestra arranger (Wrethov/Svensson/Persson/Ek)


String arranger – Silence, A.C.T